Germany Part 2

including Prague

Silbermann organ in Dresden Cathedral

View of the nave from the Sanctuary
towards the Sauer organ in the
Thomaskirche, Leipzig.

Bach's grave in the Thomaskirche, Leipzig

Nicolaikirche, Leipzig

Steinmeyer organ in Lindau

Lindau console of Steinmeyer organ

Rieger organ in Stadtkirche, Wangen/Allgäu
(recitals 1997 and 2001)

Rieger console in Wangen

Windberg Kloster chapel organ (recital 1997)

St Ulrici-Brüdern, Braunschweig -
Steinmann Organ
(Recital 1995)

St Petrikirche, Hamburg -
von Beckerath organ
(Recital 1995)

Playing the Sauer organ in Mühlhausen

Lüneberg - Michaeliskirche

St Jacob's Church, Prague

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