"He wins my award in the "to be watched" category. I think he will take his place as one of the main concert organists in this country. He is equally at home in the late romantic repertoire as the Baroque. Technically he appears to be faultless." Victorian Organ Journal August 87

"surely Sydney's most ubiquitous young organist" Sydney Morning Herald 14/10/86

"he is a performer of almost impeccable technique and a tasteful way with registration" Sydney Morning Herald 11/4/85

"He is a very confident performer" Sydney Morning Herald 15/1/85

"He is one of Australia's best young organists" Sydney Morning Herald 26/1/90

"One of this country's most intelligent and capable organists" Sydney Morning Herald 1/4/91

"displayed fine technique and a tasteful choice of tone colours" Sydney Morning Herald 14/12/92

"Hier zeigte sich Mark Quarmby als ein Perfektionist, in der Liebe fürs Detail sich äußernd, mit einer minutiös ausgearbeiteten Lauftechnik" Mitteldeutsche Allgemeine 12/5/95

"Mark Quarmby continues to be one of Sydney's busiest and best organists" Sydney Morning Herald 18/1/96

"Sydney has a fair quota of good organists but few match Mark Quarmby in a discerning choice of stops, dynamic balance and sheer polish of digital and pedal technique - all shown in a Bach recital in St Andrew's Cathedral" North Shore Times 8/11/00

"Sein meisterhaftes Spiel und die gekonnte Registrierung der in Deutschland selten aufgeführten Werke der angelsächsischen Orgelliteratur entzückten die Besucher". Alster-Anzeiger (Hamburg) 5/7/01

"Organist Mark Quarmby played L'Ascension by Messiaen with all signs of belief in its connection with divinity. Messiaen needs acquired taste, but recitals like this help the acquisition." North Shore Times 9/5/08

"The opening concert, featuring Mark Quarmby of Sydney, Australia was a stunning success, featuring Australian repertoire that is unknown in the United States." The American Organist, October 2009

Article in the Sydney Morning Herald, Friday April 4, 2003



Rehearsing for a recital on the Walker organ in the
Adelaide Town Hall


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